6 Reasons You Need Property Maintenance Software

6 Reasons You Need Property Maintenance Software

Being competitive and efficient as a property maintenance business requires agile software. Year over year, the demands and expectations of property maintenance companies increase. Companies are covering more properties and competition is driving down rates.

Fortunately, property maintenance software is making it easier for companies to expand, self-manage and increase profits. Today, we’re looking at the top six reasons you need property maintenance software.

1- Profitability

When trying to increase income, many companies first look at adding new clients. While a new source of income is nice, it’s not the fastest way to increase your profits. Instead, the best return comes from improving your current processes.

Property maintenance software can help you find gaps and inefficiencies in your existing workflow. By fixing these, you can reduce your costs and thereby increase your profit margin on existing jobs.

For example, a common expense is lost or stolen assets. By employing property maintenance software, you can leverage asset tracking. This helps you monitor your equipment and tools in real-time, reducing theft and tracking down misplaced items.

It’s easier to tighten up your workflow on existing projects before adding new properties. This way, when you expand, it’s easier to identify and employ the most efficient business practices early on.

2- Scaling

If your property maintenance business is ready, or hoping, to scale up, your property maintenance software can ease the transition. Using software that operates on a per-person cost gives you full access to services at an affordable rate, whether you’re starting out or scaling up.

The best property management tools grow with your company, so your services are always tailored to your needs. This simplifies transition periods and prevents inefficiencies or complications from arising.

3- Scheduling

Automated scheduling is important for any established or growing property maintenance business. Setting up recurring maintenance tasks ensures your buildings and equipment are kept in good shape. This reduces unexpected repair costs and premature replacements.

This is especially important with summer and winter maintenance. These times become busy quickly as you prepare for the challenges of a new season. Automated scheduling software helps to keep you agile and organized in these busy times.

In addition to being a core component of the best task management software, modern scheduling tools are highly accessible. You can review and update your schedule immediately on your phone.

4- Invoicing

Managing cash flow is an important aspect of property maintenance. Mobile software allows you to create itemized invoices on the spot so you can create and send an invoice PDF no matter where you are. That makes it easy for you to get paid in full and on time.

Invoicing software helps you manage incoming invoices as well as outgoing. This ensures all your payments are managed, tracking what has been paid, is coming up, or is late. This helps to organize and manage your cash flow.

5- Contractor Management

Property maintenance companies benefit from using contractor management services. People are brought in for seasonal jobs or taking on one-off tasks. This runs smoothly with contractor management software.

You can build up a network of contractors for quick reference whenever you need a job done. Store key information including:

  • – Services
  • – Rates
  • – Availability
  • – Contact info
  • – Custom notes

Don’t waste time searching around for contractors. Build your own network and address your needs immediately.

6- All-In-One

One of the biggest reasons to use property maintenance software is that, not only can it accomplish all of these tasks, you get it all in one package. That means all the aspects work together fluidly, and you only pay for one service.

For example, when hiring a contractor, those tools tie directly into the scheduling and invoicing software. Everything you need is all in one place. This prevents wasted expenses on extra software and avoids the confusion of multiple platforms.

How Can Property Maintenance Software Improve Your Business?

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