What is Taskflow Pro?

Taskflow Pro is the Ultimate Field Service Solution that helps you manage everything from Work Orders, Inventory, Personnel, Financials, and their associated workflows to name a few.

Understanding that each organization is unique with varying different needs is where we really excel, providing you with built-in easy to apply customizations for processes, nomenclature, and communication throughout. Field Service companies are way more complex than often given credit for. Taskflow Pro acknowledges this complex data richness by architecting our system to consume, communicate and report on such data via our user-friendly platform.

Let Taskflow Pro show you how we can help you manage your business and strategize for expanded growth with our “Complexity, Simplified” system approach.

Solution Features

Taskflow Pro understands that while you might operate in an area with many competitors, this does not mean that your business is necessarily the same.
Similar, yes. The same, not quite.

Taskflow Pro allows you the flexibility to:

  • Have a clear overview of your business from the moment you login
  • Allow Clients to generate & schedule Work Orders 24-7
  • Experience our touchless Mobile Payment Acceptance 
  • Accurately Manage Inventory
  • View the issue before dispatching resources
  • Review Routes Travelled for each Work Order
  • Expand your business in a safe and secure manner

Taskflow Offering

How Taskflow Pro Puts Your Business On Autopilot


Get an accurate snapshot of your entire business. The Dashboard provides critical insight with real-time growth and management data.


Manage leads and create meaningful engagement with prospects and customers.


We Agree! Field Service companies are multifaceted and complex. Admin helps you manage suppliers, manufacturers, locations and much more.

Virtual Inspection

Whether its viewing actual project progress, what the current issue is, or the need to train and collaborate… Having the ability to be virtual is a must.

Inventory and Asset Management

Protect, track, and trace your investments in real-time. Manage your Total Cost of Ownership at a glance


Improve HR transparency. Manage Employees and Sub-Contractors with everything from industry related licenses, certifications, personal days, timesheets, and productivity.


Communication has and will always be key for Field Services, whether it’s with an Individual, Crew(s) or the entire Company, from your desktop, tablet or phone you’re always connected.

Extreme Mobile App

To quote the Brooklyn Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”, we challenge all on functionality and price. Greatly reduce back office visits.

Workflow Management

Simplify complex management tasks with well thought out workflow processes with Quoting, Work Orders and Scheduling tools.


Valuable real-time accounting insights and management. Features include managing Receivables, Payables, Invoicing and Ledger.

Virtual Work Orders

We’re now comfortable online ordering everything from clothing, cars and other everyday items. Why not Work Orders?

Work Order Scheduling Software

Full Suite Scheduling

  • Drag and drop scheduling: Schedule new jobs in seconds. Drag and drop jobs from previous schedules and prioritize more urgent work.
  • Work Order tracking for Field Service Individuals and Teams: Field service businesses often are double booked working at multiple sites. Our Calendar Map Work Order tracking keeps everyone in the know of location, status and availability.
  • Timesheet Productivity: Track the time spent in transit against each job worked. This allows you to assess hours spent travelling vs hours estimated to complete a job.
  • In-app, text, and email alerts: Never miss another job with Taskflow Pro In-app alerts that notify teams of upcoming assignments in advance. Let customers know about upcoming appointments and estimated time of arrival with automated SMS notifications.
  • Cloud-based record-keeping: Keep track of historically scheduled Work Orders in for each client in one place.
  • Optimize Field Service routes: Each order has live navigation routes based on current location.

Manage both Field Office & Back Office with Workflow Management

Select a Work Order Type, choose the client, view team member availability in a few clicks. It’s really that easy. Workflow Management gives you the flexibility to dispatch jobs faster than ever.

  • Improve your “First-Time Fix Rate” with accurate information.
  • Schedule Work Orders as either one-off visits or as recurring.
  • Categorized Calendar with prioritized job ratings and color-coding.
  • Reserve, Schedule & Assign Assets.
  • Calendar with interactive GPS map of Work Order Status.
  • Schedule and Manage Work Orders based location, skill set and availability of your technicians. This ensures that you always select the best person available to assign the Work Order to.
  • Real-Time alert of Status Changes.

How Do I Get Started


Onboard existing operation to Taskflow Pro’s digital eco-system.


Train the system with customized cases to your business.


Autopilot your operations and workflow management.


Enjoy holistic view of your entire organization with one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Taskflow Pro priced so low?

We understand that our core customer is typically small business sized with very tight margins to support growth. Our #1 goal is to empower your growth with a system that fully supports your needs priced appropriately.

Do I have to implement the system fully, at one time?

No! Many of our customers implement the system a few modules at a time. Others prefer to implement the entire platform benefitting immediately.

What 3rd party hardware is required?

None! Taskflow Pro’s extreme mobile app will allow you to Accept Payments, perform Inventory Audits and provide Navigational Routes all from your personal mobile device.

Can my business grow using Taskflow Pro?

Definitely! Successful Field Service Companies want to mitigate risks as much as possible. Within our platform, we’ve architected it so that Work Orders can be embargoed and reported on in various ways. Once we’ve “trained” the system, questions  & concerns of the past are now answered in a single click.

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